Microplane Snap-in Handle with 8″ Course & Fine Flat Blades


The Microplane Snap-In Rasp with Coarse and Fine Flat Blades.

Prepare to enjoy carving with these versatile tools with replaceable and reversible blades that may be turned for use on the pull or push of a stroke.

The easy snap-on and snap-off process will save time and space in your workshop. The blades are made from high quality hardened stainless steel for long lasting use, whilst the handles are made of glass filled nylon for added stability.

Blade replacements available in flat, round, and angle, fine or coarse and 200mm (8″).

Blades are made of 400 series stainless steel.

This rasp sets comes complete with handle and two flat blades.

Use on plasterboard, plastic, rubber, and Formica, just to mention a few and of course wood!

Manufacturer: Microplane (USA)

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Weight 138 g

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