U-Beaut Shellawax Liquid 250ml

U-Beaut Shellawax Liquid 250ml


A one-application woodturners friction polish that really does work and is ideal for use on smaller spindle work such as pens and similar objects up to around 10 cm (4″) diameter.  This exceptional polish is made using a specially formulated hard shellac as a base to give a harder, more durable finish, giving greater resistance to marks and blemishes from water, alcohol and heat.  Normally applied directly onto bare timber (though it can be used over most oils too – but test on scrap first) this polish dries almost instantly yet goes on hardening for up to three weeks resulting in a truly durable finish which far exceeds others on the market today.  Once fully cured the finish is food-safe and non-toxic.

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Can be mixed with Shellawax cream as a thinner/extender for working on large platters, flat surfaces etc. Shellawax is a finish in its own right and is not designed to be used over any other finishes. Great for pens.

Royal Mail class this product as hazardous and are liable to destroy, without notification, all contents of a package containing it, so we must send it by carrier.

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