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    Purpleheart has a creamy white/gray sapwood but like its name suggests, the heartwood is a bright, striking purple when freshly cut, darkening into a deeper purple with age. It has a medium to fine texture with a lustre that ranges from medium to high; its grain is usually straight but can be wavy or irregular. Purpleheart has high bending and crushing strength and stiffness with medium resistance to shock loads.
  • Padauk

    When freshly cut the wood is bright orange red, becomes reddish brown. Moderately hard and heavy. Medium texture, but with large pores.
  • Pink Ivory

    Pink ivory wood dries slowly and doesn't split easily due to its high oil content. Its attractive colouring makes it ideal for carving, turning, inlay work and even musical instruments.
  • Cocobolo

    Cocobolo has a high mechanical strength in all categories, and is heavy, tough and strong. It works reasonably well with  hand tools, but cutting edges must be kept sharp.
  • Roupala Lacewood is light pink to silvery sheen with small flaky grain due to the large rays. Attractive pattern when used in small areas. Fairly light in weight, works well with hand tools. Central and South America.
  • Bocote

    Bocote is a wood that resembles rosewood and hence it is often called Mexican rosewood. It is found throughout much of  South America and Mexico. It is used for turning, inlays, furniture, tool handles, cabinetry, decking and veneers.
  • The wood has good wearing properties and resistance to abrasion because of its interlocked grain and twisty nature. Olive does polish to an excellent finish.
  • Zebrano

    Zebrano is a hard, dense and heavy wood with high strength properties and very high stiffness. It works well with hand tools and in most machining operations. Planing can be tricky, since interlocked grain can tear badly, so sanding is advised for a final finish. Gluing is satisfactory if care is taken.
  • Leadwood square

    A dark brown to sometimes nearly black wood with straight to interlocking grain. Hard and heavy with good working qualities. Turns and finishes well and takes a good polish.


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