The Wood Shed started in business in 1992 as a part-time venture of a wood-turning hobbyist. After 4 years, the business had developed into a full-time family business.

While The Wood Shed stocks all woodturning needs – exotic woods, books, finishes and accessories – we specialise in the supply of local timbers.

The local timber is sourced from tree surgeons or wind falls, and if not ‘rescued’ in this way, would often go for firewood.

When a tree becomes available, The Wood Shed mills the tree into planks, dries it and then turns the wood into blanks for wood turning.

The result of this is that for the local wood blanks, we can tell where each blank came from.

As well as providing supplies to Wood Turners, The Wood Shed provides courses for beginner and intermediate Wood Turners and we regularly bring special guest Wood Turners to our premises.

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