10″ Wet Stone Sharpening System

10″ Wet Stone Sharpening System


A wet stone sharpening system with a range of jigs and accessories and is also an extremely useful tool for general household tasks, such as the sharpening of knives, gardening tools and many other items. Included in this package is the WG250/K Diamond Trueing Tool, an essential accessory to ensure the outer diameter remains concentric and the sharpening surface perfectly flat. For more details and to see a video click on more info button.

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Long research went into finding the right friability for the stone, so that as the abrasive wears, heat increases reducing adhesion so the worn abrasive minerals come away to reveal fresh and effective new crystals. Includes: RPDVD12 Wetstone Sharpening System Tutorial DVD RRP �9.99 WG250/C Straight Edge Jig RRP �30.79 WG250/K Diamond Trueing Tool RRP �65.99 WG250/P Support Arm RRP �23.09 WG250/R Stone Grader RRP �20.89 WG250/S Honing Compound RRP �20.89 WG250/T Angle Setting Gauge RRP �16.49 WG250/U Angle Finder RRP �14.29

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