8″ Wet Stone Sharpening System

8″ Wet Stone Sharpening System


Included with the machine are a range of essential tools and jigs, not only making this package fantastic value for money but also allowing accurate sharpening straight from the box. A full range of optional jigs and accessories are available which are compatible with the 12 mm bar system of the Record Power WG250. The WG200 features smooth and responsive variable speed. The torque can also be adjusted, enabling heavier grinding without fear of the stone or honing wheel slipping under pressure.





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Includes: WG250/C Straight Edge Jig RRP �30.79 WG250/K Diamond Trueing Tool RRP �65.99 WG250/P Support Arm RRP �23.09 WG250/R Stone Grader RRP �20.89 WG250/S Honing Compound RRP �20.89 WG250/T Angle Setting Gauge RRP �16.49 WG250/U Angle Finder RRP �14.29


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Weight 8500 g


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