Polishing wax to a high shine can be a bit of a chore, not to mention the amount of elbow grease required! Chestnut have a number of drill driven brushes that can help to make the job easier.

The Drum Brush for Drills is designed to fit the chuck of any drill and makes polishing large flat surfaces much less demanding. The special bristle is designed to remove any surplus wax from the surface and buff the remaining wax at the same time, giving a high gloss finish which will also be more resilient than with just hand polishing.

If the bristles of the brush become clogged with wax (which means you’re putting too much wax on, so use less!) simply wash them in warm soapy water to remove the wax and allow the brush to dry before using it again.

Like all Chestnuts’ brushes, the Drum Brush for Drills is very hard wearing and long lasting, a worthwhile investment for anyone buffing large areas of waxed timber.