Hampshire Sheen – 400ml Sprays

Hampshire Sheen – 400ml Sprays


  1. Professional Clear Gloss Lacquer
    Superb thick, nicely levelling product. Requires fewer coats for a deep, lush shine. Can be mechanically buffed after a few hours.
  2. Professional Clear Satin Lacquer
    Produces a superb satin finish on most surfaces in just two coats (over sealer) without further work required.
  3. Professional Black Gloss Lacquer
    Like the Clear Gloss, this black requires fewer coats for a fantastic depth of finish.
  4. Professional Black Satin Lacquer
    A silky smooth black surface over sealer can be produced in just a couple of coats. Use without sealer to preserve visible grain.

5. Professional Matt Sanding Sealer
An excellent spray-on sealer with plenty of solids providing a super-hard surface for any finish to be applied over the top.

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Hampshire Sheen – Sprays

Royal Mail class this product as hazardous and are liable to destroy, without notification, all contents of a package containing it, so we must send it by carrier.

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