Llewellyn Ryland Polyester Pigment

Llewellyn Ryland Polyester Pigment


Llewellyn Ryland Polyester Pigment are coloured liquid/paste mediums based on pigments dispersed within a solvent-free reactive unsaturated polyester resin. They are available in a wide range of colours varying in strength and consistency depending upon the particular colouring application. They have been developed to blend easily into resin systems. The range of colours is based upon pigments carefully selected for colour fastness, opacity, heat stability and having minimum effect upon the curing characteristics of the final system. The resin used with the Polyester Colour Paste is a specially developed solvent-free reactive polyester resin which chemically cross links with the moulding resin so that the colour is “locked in” once the system has cured. They can be used to colour most polyester resin based systems used within the composites or related industry. These Polyester Colour Pastes have excellent stability.

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Available in 7 transparent colours, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Yellow, Red & Magenta

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Weight 110 g

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