Robert Sorby Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool

Robert Sorby Multi-Tip Hollowing Tool


The Multi Tip Hollowing Tool (RS200KT) is our recommendation for those who wish to take their first steps in hollowing and those working on projects of 6 inch and under. It is one of the most versatile tools around.

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The 3/4 flat surface is in permanent contact with the tool rest and so minimises the impact of rotational forces putting the turner in control and allowing him to be as delicate or as aggressive as he wishes It features two hollowing tips which are fitted to a swivelling clamp Swivelling clamp allows for straight hollowing and undercutting under a rim One tip is rounded to create a flowing shape like bowls Second tip is pointed for squarer shapes like boxes Second end of each HSS tip is left plain for the turner to shape to his specific requirements Also includes a scraper blade for finishing Scraper has three different working faces making it a round scraper, a half-round scraper and a square scraper all rolled into one Scraper can be used on the half-round shank for shear scraping All three tips or cutters are HSS and sharpened with a diamond hone on the top Spare tips and cutters available Separate beading, coving, and dovetailing cutters available separately

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