Nyweb Pads

Nyweb Pads


Fine finish starts with good preparation!

Use these mildly abrasive pads after sanding for a final smoothing process to give a near-perfect surface prior to applying any finish.

Very long lasting, these pads are also very flexible and do not crumble, thus avoiding contamination of your work.

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NyWeb pads are a non-woven nylon webbing with an abrasive embedded into them to give an exactly defined cut.
The Green pads are 400 grit, the Red pads are 600 grit, the Orange pads are 1000 grit,
the White pads do not contain an abrasive and are thus technically non-abrasive.

NyWeb is long lasting, economical and extremely flexible, can be moulded to pretty much any shape to get into all those awkward spaces.
When NyWeb becomes clogged with dust simply beat it or use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.
NyWeb can be used wet or dry, and the Orange and White are particularly useful for the application of waxes.
Each pad is approx 15 x 21cm.

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Weight 12 g

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