Woodturning Full Circle

Woodturning Full Circle


Woodturning with a “WOW” factor! Conventional wisdom says there’s nothing new in woodworking, but Woodturning Full Circle by David Springett proves otherwise. The three-thousand-year-old craft of turning continues to morph in exciting new ways – and that’s fully evident from the fascinating projects, puzzles, shapes, and boxes showcased in this book. They will knock your socks off, guaranteed!

What’s a streptohedron? Wait until you see! Just when David Springett thought there was nothing new in turning, he came upon a sphericon – a double cone that had been split along its axis, twisted (one half rotated through 180 degrees) and then rejoined. Intrigued, he thought it might be impossible to turn, but explored the possibilities and now the rest is history. Working his way through turning all the polygons, Springett developed and refined the twisted shape of a streptohendron – in all of its many variations – pushing the envelope on turning and challenging others to follow his lead.

See turning in a creative new light. Woodturning Full Circle covers the fundamentals on turning the intriguing shapes featured in this book: safety, equipment, types of wood, techniques, and artful projects, including a complete chess set, wave bowl, boxes with twist, and more. But what sets this book apart is the underlying creative message: Lathe-turned objects can be something other than fully round. Explore the possibilities of all the new shapes that are waiting to be discovered.

Woodturning Full Circle can take you to places you never dreamed of going! Whatever your experience with turning, Woodturning Full Circle will open up new creative possibilities for you. Let the streptohedron forms you’ll see here excite your imagination and, as the author suggests, use them as a springboard toward new forms and ideas of your own. He also suggests: relax and enjoy woodturning, it’s fun.

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by David Springett

192 pages, 500 colour photos, 92 drawings

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