Chestnut Acrylic Lacquer 500ml

Chestnut Acrylic Lacquer 500ml


If you need to get away from the smell and flammability of our cellulose based lacquers this is an ideal option.
This water based lacquer has virtually no smell and is totally non-flammable. Don’t be fooled though, this product is extremely hard wearing and gives a full gloss finish.

Being water based it is slightly slower drying, taking about twenty minutes to be touch dry. If you want to apply a second coat it should be left two hours before doing so, although a wax can be applied if required after about thirty minutes.

This product can be sprayed if suitable equipment is available, or can be applied by cloth or brush. We recommend foam brushes for application as this keeps the foaming action of acrylics to a minimum.


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Acrylic Lacquer is tested to EN71 Part 3 and is safe for use on toys and nursery furniture.

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